Dim Sum Song

Who would have thought they can rap about dim sum? Well, I guess they could and anything is possible, since there’s a song for MTR stations. Thanks Tiffany for sharing the song.

MTR Song

I lived in Hong Kong for about 20 years, here and there, but I never understood how the MTR worked until I actually had to ride it to and from work 5.5 days a week. Before I started to work in Hong Kong, I was as lost as a blind mice when I was [...]

The Oldest Blogger

I just saw this headline on Yahoo News, Blogger turns 108, I couldn’t resist and had to take a look at the video clip. Guess what she blog about?

Plastic Bag Rehab

GUILTY!! I am Guilty of owning a “I’m not a Plastic Bag” canvas bag. My dear friend in New York snatched me a sold out everyway Anya canvas bag from her friend for me, and NOP, she didn’t charge me an arm and leg for it.
Just now, I found this blog post that [...]

Facebook Updates

Oh, it’s not her. The person I contacted thought she might be the potential long lost friend I was trying to locate, replied. It’s not her. So, my search continues.


I have received a few invitations from friends to join Facebook awhile ago, but I didn’t feel that I have a need to. For whatever reason, I finally signed up just an hour ago, and surfed a bit.  I was amazed how great this network is.  Hack, I have a website, started blogging, signed up [...]

Simpsonize US

My cousin Jacqueline is a school teacher, and now, just like the school kids, she is taking her sweet summer vacation. So, along with Ashlyn & Alex, all 3 of them just had a little too much time to kill yesterday, and guess what they did? see below picture.

It was done via http://www.simpsonizeme.com/ , pretty [...]

It’s Friday! Relax!

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America( ?? ) [...]

Dinner with Ninja Turtle

I came across this blog from Australia one day, and I found her again tonight. Read her blog entery dated April 21, 2007, titled “Hey dude, want some pizza?” It’s quite cute!
Here is what she wrote, taken directly from her entry:

After his birthday party, my 4 year old was over the moon with all his [...]

Funny Blog Entry

I was killing time surfing the web and found this blog entry. It’s about a lady in Hong Kong who’s pregnant and blogged about her daily life during her pregnancy.
Below is her blog entry:??????ma ma?…..???b???????????….???…..?b???? “?”????????……????feel????????o???????????……?????????…..” ?…..??…..??? “O…..Daddy??????funny?d??
Entry taken from Yahoo Blog ???????
Translation in general idea:She didn’t sleep well last night because the baby was [...]