With the new home, there are many things we need to go shop for. Furnitures, beds, lighting fixtures, appliances, diningware and what not. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to shop. There are some other shopping I would rather leave them to dear hubby, such as insurances. It’s never too early [...]

New Titles

We were husband and wife. We were daddy and mommy. We were uncle and aunt. Now, we have just acquired a new title - HOME OWNERS. Yup, we just got our keys to our new home yesterday.
It took nearly a month since we put in our initial offer. [...]

Yes, we did it!

We just signed our lives away this afternoon. Yup, we did. I thought I would be very excited and nervous about it, but no, I wasn’t. I was quite calm and not emotional at all.
It was funny, the gentleman from the title company who helped us with the signing process [...]


Just about 2 weeks ago, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. I picked Morton’s Steakhouse in the city. I like their steak? No, not because of the steak. I chose Morton over other places for their signature dessert - The Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake.
We made the reservation for 7:15pm, but was able [...]

Time Square New York

We watched the crystal ball dropped at Time Square every New Year’s Eve right above the big-O screen. Johnson and I finally were there in person. No, not New Year’s Eve. We were there just about a month ago for a wedding. The screen didn’t amaze me, cux it looked smaller than I thought it [...]

What else is there?

As we were walking back to the hotel from Time Squre, we saw this from far away, and needless to say, we must stop by and check it out (its already 11pm):This is just one of the many clips they play on the screen. I guess if I had video taped every one of them, [...]

Long Over Due Entry: London & Paris

O, this is loooonnnnggg over due. I know, Ive been slacking a bit lately.
Shouldve posted this entry looonnnggg ago, our trip to UK & Paris. Well, in a short 1 week stay in London and Paris, weve been to majority of the must see tourist spots, and lots of walking and shopping.
Well, these are just [...]

We Are Back!

Just arrived at home from the airport. Will update with pix from London & Paris soon. For now, need to catch some ZZZzzzZZZzzzzzzzZzZZZ