Big Event #1

What was the big event? For Ashlyn and Alex, it’s “THE” biggest event. It happened on last Saturday. We bought our first fresh Xmas tree for our new house, but we have yet to seriously decorated it.
Ashlyn and Alex were excited throughout the week and looking forward to the tree shopping event. [...]

TV or Not?

With two active toddlers, both dear hubby and myself have given much thoughts about furniture selections. For instance, we have chosen the dinning table set and bedroom set for our room because they have rounded edges. That’s probably part of the reason why we haven’t settled on any other furnitures for the rest [...]

Home Sweet Home Progress

Ok, the Home Sweet Home progress is coming along pretty good. Dinning table and furnitures for our bedroom delivered last night. Too bad they delivered the wrong bed, and they had to re-deliver after the Thanksgiving Holidays. For the time being, they let us use the “wrong” bed for now.
I [...]

When we move…

Tonight, after dinner, Ashlyn and I were sitting in the couch watching TV. All the sudden, she started this conversation with me.
Ashlyn: Mama, when we move, can you ask Baba to put a small sink in the bathroom for me?
Alex: Yeah, a small sink.
Mama: A small sink?
Ashlyn: Yeah, like this much tall *gesturing with [...]

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Yesterday was Veterans Day. A Swedish furniture store had a special one day sale. I had my eyes on one of the dinnerware set for awhile now, and it’s on sale yesterday. Nothing fancy, just plain white dinnerware. It’s a 18-piece set for 6 servings. The package includes 6″ bowls, [...]

Now What?

Remodeling of kitchen is done. New cabinets, sink, stove, dish washer, and microwave are now in place. Yeah, we have not yet purchased the refrigerator yet. Bathroom are also done. New toilets, sink, faucets and bathtubs. What’s next? How about furniture? We have done some sofa shopping for the [...]

What’s Inside?

A huge box delivered. Well, it’s tall.

It’s my chandelier to be installed over the dinner table. I’ve first seen it at friends’ new home (Carmen & Jorence). It was almost 2 years ago, and I fell in love with it at first sight. It’s elegant and contemporary. I [...]

What’s Next?

It’s almost done. Remodeling of kitchen and bathroom is almost done. Next, our mission is to pick out furniture and entertainment centers for both living room and family room. I wonder if dear hubby is going to put in home theater system or what. Maybe we can consider putting some home [...]

Home Improvement - Updates

It’s been 2 weeks since the home improvement started. What was being done so far? Well, as far as I know, all lightings were installed, except for the chandelier over the dinner table. All water pipes were replaced. The floor of the kitchen area was redo with ceramic tiles. The [...]


I didn’t make up this word. I searched online, it existed. From all the topics I’ve found, Toiletology refers to toilet care and repair. I am not going to go into this subject. To me, Toiletology means study of the toilet. Why did I say that? This past weekend, we [...]