Half Way There!

Today is June 30. The year 2010 only 6 more months to go.

Expensive Ugly Stone

Guess how much this stone was sold for?

US$35.3 million, breaking a record as the highest price ever paid for a rough diamond.
It is a 507 carat rough diamond. Who would have thought? It was purchased by Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Co Ltd in Hong Kong.

Blog Backup

I was out for awhile, due to holiday activities and some unexpected things happened. Like, the server where I host my blog was down for daysssss. Then they finally restored my blog and posts. The sad news is, the hard drive they used to backup on a weekly basis was corrupted, and [...]

Fantacy of Lights

Yup, it’s the 10th annual display of holiday lights at the Vasona Lake County Park. It was the Big Event #2.
Fantasy of Lights presented by the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation and Silicon Valley Parks. Every year, they invite employees from the sponsors companies to enjoy the drive-through holiday lights display spectacular [...]

Weird Discounts

Who says the economy is bad? I still see lines at the cash registered in stores. People still buying for the Holidays. Well, I guess they just spent their money more wisely.
Today, after lunch, as usual, I went window shopping. I was at Old Navy. A sales associate [...]


Nowadays, when I checked emails, at least one thirds of them were from retail shops or online stores with promotions and sales. I would have been quite excited in the past when I received emails with promotional codes or discount notifications. This year, I found myself checking them and deleting them. Well, [...]

A New Low

Don’t worry, it’s not the stock market. Just about two weeks ago, I was happy to see the gas price dropped under $3. Now, the gas price has dropped to a new low. $2.49 for octane 87, not just any cheap gas station, it’s one of the name brand stations. I [...]

The Magic Number is…

What so special about it? Well, I believe we have heard “3’s a charm”? Also, McD recently launched a new menu, 3 for $3.
Get this, here is my latest favorite. Well, it happened last night, when I got gas at a local gas station. It used to be a name [...]