Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Alex @ Kindergarten

It’s the first day of kindergarten for Alex. Look at the handsome boy in his uniform.

Promotion - Kinder

This is a looonnngggg overdue post.
Ashlyn has completed Kindergarten class and in September, she will be in first grade. They did not have a graduation, or a formal promotion celebration at school, they just received the report cards and completion of Kindergarten certificate.

Ready. Set. PULL!

This afternoon, Alex accidentally bumped into Ashlyn, and caused Ashlyn’s (first) wiggly tooth to bleed and become even more wiggly.
All afternoon, Ashlyn has been wanting me to pull her teeth for her, but she was worried it would be painful. After dinner, she decided that she would have Grand Auntie Mary to [...]

Drum Roll …. Please

Miss Rianna Chu
My niece
Born on June 25, 2010

10-Year Award

Some companies award their employees with luxury gifts, or a three months vacation for their 10-year of service.
This is what my dear hubby got for working his butt off for 10 year at his company.
Nicely wrapped and luxury packaging

There are 2 parts to the display. First you have [...]

Gym Fun

Ashlyn attended a birthday party of her classmate, which was held at a gym. Alex and Ashlyn had so much fun.
** click on image to enlarge **
Look at Ashlyn on the bungee.

Look at Alex on the beam.

Look how flexible Alex is

Monkies on the bar

Ashlyn and her buddy

Sledding Fun

We spent the Chinese New Year weekend in Reno. All my cousins went, even Krystal, who was still in school in Irvine, flew in for a day to have dinner with us. We had so much fun in the snow. Ashlyn, Alex and Ryan had so much fun. I believe it [...]

V-Day Prep

Last weekend, we went shopping for Valentines Day cards for the kids. Both Ashlyn and Alex are going to exchange the V-day cards with the kids in school on Friday. To my surprise, Alex was excited about it and was quite concentrate when putting his name on the cards.

Double Greetings

It is very rare that Chinese New Year day and Valentine’s Day both fall on the same day. This year is special.
Gong Hay Fat Choi & Happy Valentine’s Day!