Domain Name

I have been thinking about getting a new and dedicated domain name for my blog. Unfortunately, my #1 choice is already taken by someone else - So, I have been brainstorming and asked Elaine and Vivien for their input and suggestions.
Before I have asked for their help, I had these domain [...]

Iron On -102

Alex’s birthday is coming up in a few days, and I have been preparing his gifts, party favors (@ the childcare center), and his birthday outfit. No, not naked!
He has a pair of favorite jeans, but they are too small now, size 18-24 months. There’s a monkey dangling on the cargo [...]

Early Termination Fee

You know how wireless providers always warn their customers or potential customers that ending the contract early, will result in penalty. Recently, we ended our old contract early, by 3 weeks, we were penalized for $525. Well, good thing is that our friend had dealt with the provider for us, and they had [...]

Shopping Trip

I always wanted to go shopping at the new San Fransico Center in SF Downtown, but couldn’t find the time to go. Afterall, it’s an hour drive and parking in the garage could be expensive. This past Saturday, I need to go Chinatown, so I thought it’s a good chance to go Downtown [...]

Bizarre Names

When we had our first child, Ashlyn, it was pretty quick for us to decide / comprimise on the name. The second one, Alex, took a little more time. It was not an easy task at all.
Have you caught on to the latest celebrity babies’ names? Since a few years [...]

Tiring Weekend

There were so many activities went on over the past couple of days, I’m still trying to recuperate. First off, getting ready for Baby Ryan’s first US visit, meaning lots of moving things around, and cleaning up to do. Then, preparation for Ashlyn’s birthday parties, note, P-A-R-T-I-E-S, plural, one at the childcare center, [...]

Goddies from Hong Kong #1

All my dear friends know how much I love to shop. It could be in upscale department stores, that usually just window shopping, and if I did make a purchase from these stores, items must be from the sale racks. I wouldn’t miss the chance to dig for exceptional deals at discount shops, [...]

Vacation Recap - I

I’ve been back for 3 weeks now, and I haven’t really started to blog about my trip. One word - AWSOME!! It was a blast!
My last trip to Hong Kong was almost 4 years ago, when Ashlyn was 4 months old. Things haven’t changed much, except more high rise buildings, and upscale [...]

Back on Track

OK, so I was back from vacation a week or so ago, but I didn’t feel like writing much. Jetlag? No. Lazy? Not really. Well, let’s put it this way. I think I’m keyboard challenged. Not that I don’t remember how to type, or I have to type with my [...]

Touch Down

TOUCH DOWN!! I have arrived HKG. I arrived yesterday morning. The flight was pleasant, but to my surprised, I didn’t sleep at all. Majority of my friends know that I sleep on flights, short and long distance, from the moment I got into my seat until the plane pulled up to [...]