New New New

I remember when I was young, we always had new clothing ready for the Chinese New Year. From head to toes, inside and out. Since we are in the US now, I still try to keep this tradition, at least one article has to be brand new. So, this year, for [...]

Sledding Fun

We spent the Chinese New Year weekend in Reno. All my cousins went, even Krystal, who was still in school in Irvine, flew in for a day to have dinner with us. We had so much fun in the snow. Ashlyn, Alex and Ryan had so much fun. I believe it [...]

Beginner’s Luck

Do you believe in beginner’s luck? Remember the first time we took Ashlyn and Alex to Reno, obviously they were not allow to gamble at the casinos, but they were able to spend some time at the arcade with carnival games. Both of them won big prizes.
This Chinese New Year, it’s either the [...]

New Flavor

I used to go to a pearl tea place for lunch near my work. Since it was closed about a year ago, the location has turned into a bakery. The owner of the bakery shop is Korean. He recommended this cake to me and he said it’s good. My reaction was [...]

It’s a Girl!

My sister in law, Penny, just confirmed BB#2 is a girl. YAY! I can finally unpack my “private collection” of girl’s clothes from B*berry, Janie*Jack, Nicolas*Bear…etc.
Congrats Jeff, Penny, and Ryan.

Krispy Treats

Uncle Jeff would make rice krispy treats every time he visited, which everybody in the family would fight over it. This time, the first batch he made was gone in 30 seconds. Finally, he made three batches, which the last batch was made at my home, all for me. Of course, at the end, [...]

Corey’s First Halloween

My cousin did not plan to take her son, Corey to go trick-or-treating this year. It’s Corey’s first Halloween. As we were getting Ashlyn & Alex ready for trick-or-treat, Corey arrived with his costume, a Moo Moo Cow.

Pumpkins, Carved

So, last night, Uncle Jeff on his task #2. Pumpkin Carving. It was a busy night for Uncle Jeff. Not only he had to carve two pumpkins, but he had to entertain his son, Ryan in Hong Kong via video conference.

Pumpkin Shopping 2009

One of Uncle Jeff’s jobs during his stay is to take Ashlyn and Alex pumpkin shopping. He brought Chick ‘n Monkey to a pumpkin patch nearby yesterday. Look how much fun they had and how happy they were.


Uncle Jeff is in town, just in time for trick-or-treating. Best of all, we can leave the pumpkin carving job to him.