So Full

I just had a great dinner tonight. My Grand uncle, my dad’s uncle, prepared prime ribs for us tonight at his daughter’s home. As we were waiting at the door, I could already smell the aroma from the prime ribs. He also prepared mashed potato, and brown sugar glazed sweet potato. Although I do not [...]


I have been trying to get in contact with a dear friend of mine whom I’ve known since 4th grade. I wasn’t able to get a hold a of her. Finally, she called today. I am glad she called, but I wished she had never called. There’s nothing wrong with our [...]

Hairy Crabs

My sister-in-law just posted this picture on FB. Oh, how tempting! Yeah, it’s the season for hairy crabs (big binding crab 大閘蟹 or Shanghai hairy crab or Chinese mitten crab) now. Look at the little fella Mr. Ryan, he looked a bit troubled, maybe a little scared. Why? Why scare of this hairy crab? He’s [...]

New Titles

We were husband and wife. We were daddy and mommy. We were uncle and aunt. Now, we have just acquired a new title - HOME OWNERS. Yup, we just got our keys to our new home yesterday.
It took nearly a month since we put in our initial offer. [...]

Godmother WooYu & Auntie Vikki

Godmother WooYu & Auntie Vikki, Happy Birthday!!
Isn’t it special to be born on the same day as the National Day of China? and both of you were born on the same day? Well, possible the same year too? So, how many people celebrated with you? How many days off you get for the celebration? [...]

Ultra Compact Cars

The gas price has come down a little bit, but it’s still quite high. I’ve seen more and more of the Smart cars on the road nowadays. The Smart cars are quite popular in Europe. It’s ultra compact.
Today, dear hubby sent me an email. He rarely sent me any [...]

5 Years Ago …

Today, Johnson and I exchanged vows, committed to each other, to have and to hold, for sickness and health, for richer or poor, blah blah blah. You know, the typical wedding vows thing.
5 Years later, today, on our 5th Anniversary, we committed not only to each other, Ashlyn and Alex, we also committed to [...]


5 years ago today, we had our wedding rehearsal. After the rehearsal, we had rehearsal dinner at Hooter’s San Francisco. On top of that, it was my brother, Jeff’s birthday. Time flies, but the images from the party seem to be fresh in memory.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

The Playhouse

We attended Jayden’s 5th Birthday Party at a Playhouse facility today. I would never forget Jayden’s birthday. Why? His birthday is only 5 days before our wedding anniversary, even the same year.
We arrived at the playhouse place at 11am sharp, as Elaine had warned us. Before we went, Ashlyn refused to attend [...]


On Thursday night, Daddy came home late, cux he just signed up for some classes with the Adult Education, for some solar and/or electrician classes or some sort.
It was 8pm, daddy not home, Ashlyn & Alex started to wonder why daddy still not home yet.
Ashlyn: mama, where is daddy?
Alex: yeah, where is daddy?
Me: daddy has [...]