Weird Discounts

Who says the economy is bad? I still see lines at the cash registered in stores. People still buying for the Holidays. Well, I guess they just spent their money more wisely.
Today, after lunch, as usual, I went window shopping. I was at Old Navy. A sales associate [...]


Nowadays, when I checked emails, at least one thirds of them were from retail shops or online stores with promotions and sales. I would have been quite excited in the past when I received emails with promotional codes or discount notifications. This year, I found myself checking them and deleting them. Well, [...]

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Yesterday was Veterans Day. A Swedish furniture store had a special one day sale. I had my eyes on one of the dinnerware set for awhile now, and it’s on sale yesterday. Nothing fancy, just plain white dinnerware. It’s a 18-piece set for 6 servings. The package includes 6″ bowls, [...]

What’s Inside?

A huge box delivered. Well, it’s tall.

It’s my chandelier to be installed over the dinner table. I’ve first seen it at friends’ new home (Carmen & Jorence). It was almost 2 years ago, and I fell in love with it at first sight. It’s elegant and contemporary. I [...]

Little Treasures

Kids are easy to please, most of the time. I always bought small items with their favorite characters. I use them as rewards, or little gifts to calm them down when they were upsad.
Last Friday night, Ashlyn was upsad when she found Alex got some new underpants. She demanded that [...]

Mad House

I strong urge those of you have not yet bought Halloween costumes for yourselves or your kids, DO NOT shop at party supply stores or Halloween costume shops on the weekend. It was a total MAD HOUSE!
Sunday after lunch, I promised Ashlyn & Alex to buy them the trick-or-treat buckets. We went to [...]

That’s a First!

I finally had a relaxing weekend. Notice, I said “I”, not “WE”, because dear hubby was busy installing internet cables at the new house with his friend Harrison. Saturday was lay back. We went to a baby shower in the evening, and that’s about it.
Yesterday, Sunday, while the kids were taking their [...]


How trustworthy are the reviews posted on those online forums? We found a furnitures & mattress store posted an ad online, checked out their website, great selections and unbelievable prices. Found some reviews on Yelp, those customers were 50/50 splits between a 5 starts rating and 0 star rating (due to rude services). [...]


With the new home, there are many things we need to go shop for. Furnitures, beds, lighting fixtures, appliances, diningware and what not. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to shop. There are some other shopping I would rather leave them to dear hubby, such as insurances. It’s never too early [...]

Why Did I Say That?

On Saturday, I spent some quality time with Ashlyn, doing our favorite thing - SHOPPING! We went shopping for Ryan, my nephew, her cousin.
As we were standing in line waiting for the cashier, Ashlyn leaned against my belly from the shopping cart. The lady in front us made a comment:
Lady: Oh, how sweet. [...]