A Leprechaun Trap

St. Patrick’s day was March 17. Ashlyn had a little assignment from the school - how to trap a leprechaun, the Irish elf. It was quite a challenge. I searched online, and had some ideas on my own. At the end, to keep it simple, here is the finished product.

Hot Lunch

Ever since Alex is accepted to the new school, where he currently attending, we’re a bit concerned what we can make for him to bring to school for lunch. Yup, the new school doesn’t prepare meals. They prepare snacks in between only. We shopped for days to find the perfect container. It’s a bit heavy, [...]

First Car

My first car was a Volkswagen, and since then, my brother’s first car was a VW, 2 of my cousins first cars were VW. Did I started the trend? I don’t think so, probably my brother did. Why? cux he loved to fix up his car. I guess boys will be boys. [...]

Photo Books

“Put them away.”
“Careful. Turn the page slowly.”
“Don’t rip the pages.”
That’s what I had to constantly reminding Ashlyn & Alex when they wanted to look at the photo books I made for them.
Ever since Ashlyn was born, I organized and made photo books for her on a monthly basis. It was easy, just upload [...]

Iron On -102

Alex’s birthday is coming up in a few days, and I have been preparing his gifts, party favors (@ the childcare center), and his birthday outfit. No, not naked!
He has a pair of favorite jeans, but they are too small now, size 18-24 months. There’s a monkey dangling on the cargo [...]

Iron On - 101

In 2 days, it’s Ashlyn’s 4th Birthday. I have been looking forward to her birthday weeks ago, because she is going to have her first birthday party at the childcare center, celebrating with her new friends.
I have been discussing what to get for the favor bags with Elaine, and finally got all I needed [...]