Lava Cake

I have not yet been to Downtown for years. Well, drove by couple of times, but did not had a chance to go shopping for awhile now. Last weekend, I requested to stop by Downtown to pick up a few cream puffs. I spotted some new products at the shop, and I [...]

New Flavor

I used to go to a pearl tea place for lunch near my work. Since it was closed about a year ago, the location has turned into a bakery. The owner of the bakery shop is Korean. He recommended this cake to me and he said it’s good. My reaction was [...]

Hot Lunch

Ever since Alex is accepted to the new school, where he currently attending, we’re a bit concerned what we can make for him to bring to school for lunch. Yup, the new school doesn’t prepare meals. They prepare snacks in between only. We shopped for days to find the perfect container. It’s a bit heavy, [...]

Krispy Treats

Uncle Jeff would make rice krispy treats every time he visited, which everybody in the family would fight over it. This time, the first batch he made was gone in 30 seconds. Finally, he made three batches, which the last batch was made at my home, all for me. Of course, at the end, [...]

Hairy Crabs

My sister-in-law just posted this picture on FB. Oh, how tempting! Yeah, it’s the season for hairy crabs (big binding crab 大閘蟹 or Shanghai hairy crab or Chinese mitten crab) now. Look at the little fella Mr. Ryan, he looked a bit troubled, maybe a little scared. Why? Why scare of this hairy crab? He’s [...]


Just about 2 weeks ago, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. I picked Morton’s Steakhouse in the city. I like their steak? No, not because of the steak. I chose Morton over other places for their signature dessert - The Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake.
We made the reservation for 7:15pm, but was able [...]

Fancy Dinner

So, I met up with my long lost friend on last Friday. We had a fancy dinner at Michael Mina in San Francisco.
They offer 2 types of dinner menu. A three course prix fixed menu, or the tasting menu. The way they plate the entree and dessert was quite unique. [...]

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

I watched the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony last night. I didn’t think I would watch the entire (pre-recorded) boardcast, thinking, Oh, it would just be one of those same old performances with pop singers, Chinese dances, and stuff. Was I wrong!! SO WRONG!! I was basically glued to the sofa and TV [...]