Bye Bye Who?

I think Alex is a very well mannered toddler. He’d say Bye Bye to anybody.We went to May Flower at the Great Mall for dim sum last weekend. People who has been there knew there’s a little kids area near to the restuarant. When we finished dim sum, Alex said Bye Bye Great Mall, yeah, [...]

Trigger Thumb - Follow Up

We went to Dr. Kanel today, 2nd Orthopedic, specializing in kids. Wait for like 20mins or so, brought into the exam room, waited another 5 mins. Dr. Kanel came in, felt Alex’s thumb, drew a picture to explain to us what’s going on with his thumb, then tell us to go back after Alex’s 2nd [...]

You Did Not Say That!

Alex: ??????*****Alex: Yo yo yo yeh boat (Row row row your boat)*****Alex: ?? lay ?????*****Alex: ???, pleasssseeeee…*****Alex: ????, mine!*****Ashlyn: Quiet!*****Ashlyn: ??, ??????*****Ashlyn: ????????Alex: ?????*****Alex: ????*****Ashlyn: ??????Alex: ?????*****

What’s Wrong with Alex’s Thumb?

It was like 2 weeks ago when my mom found that Alex’s right thumb was kind of stuck in the 90 degree position, and we were not able to relax it. We worried that he got hurt, or bone fracture when he played and didn’t realize it. It didn’t bother him at all, no pain [...]

Early Bird Saturday

People who know me know that I would do anything for shopping, even sacrify hours of beauty sleep. I would get up at 6am and go shopping the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas, dispite the fact I left the same mall at mid-night when they close. Or get up even early and drive an hour [...]

What did Ashlyn say?

Me: “??, ?? la !”Alex: “No Way!”Ashlyn: “?????, ????????”Me:” ha? “*****************************************************************Ashlyn: “??? Hay Yee ??? ah?”******************************************************************Ashlyn, what’s this?Ashlyn: “??, ??, ??, ??, ?, ??”Alex, what’s this?Alex: ” “??, ??, ??, ??, ?, ??”note: ???, ???*********************************************

What is Alex saying?

Here are some conversation with Alex or something he said out of the blue. Remember, Alex is only 19-month-old.
Great Auntie Judy calling Alex: “Sai Loe? (in a tone like ‘where are you?) meaning = little brother in Cantonese (that’s how we call Alex at home) Alex: “What?!” in English**************************************************************************Alex: “How are you my friend?” in [...]

Say What?

One morning, Alex woke up, yawning and stretching. All the sudden he said : “mama, sai loe larn sei sei ? ? ? (lazy snake snake)” meaning = Mom, little brother (referring to himself) doesn’t want to get out of bed.XOXOWednesday March 21, 2007 - 11:16am (PDT)
$2 monitor updates
Greetings from Amazon.comThis is what I got [...]