My Trophies

went shopping last night cux weve got parties to go to, so needed to pick up party gifts and stuff. Yeah Yeah Yeah, thats my excuse, whatever.I saw these tees and immediately knew that I HAVE TO HAVE THEM. They were screaming at me TAKE ME HOME! TAKE ME HOME! NO, I wasnt on drugs [...]

Dinner with Ninja Turtle

I came across this blog from Australia one day, and I found her again tonight. Read her blog entery dated April 21, 2007, titled Hey dude, want some pizza? Its quite cute!
Here is what she wrote, taken directly from her entry:

After his birthday party, my 4 year old was over the moon with all his [...]

New Shoes

Bought couple pairs of pants for Ashlyn from Disney store cux they were on sale, and they have Princess on them. As soon as I walked in the house, Ashlyn spotted the bag cux there’re Princess on the bag. The next thing you know, she pulled out whatever inside, and demand to put on the [...]

Golden Piggies

I just had a moment to think, and realized that I really know many people having Golden Piggies this Lunar Calendar year. 1, 2, 3, 4… roughly counting, there’re at least 6 of them, 3 boys, 1 girl, 2 unknowns.
Remember when I was little, my aunts kept saying “oh, you should have a piggie baby” [...]

Funny Blog Entry

I was killing time surfing the web and found this blog entry. Its about a lady in Hong Kong whos pregnant and blogged about her daily life during her pregnancy.
Below is her blog entry:??????ma ma?..???b???????????.???..?b???? ?????????????feel????????o????????????????????.. ?..??..??? O..Daddy??????funny?d??
Entry taken from Yahoo Blog ???????
Translation in general idea:She didnt sleep well last night because the baby was [...]

What’s Your Name?

Ashlyn has mastered her Chinese name ?? a long time ago, maybe its because we rarely called her by her English name. Chinese name is so much easier for the folks at home. We taught her to say Ashlyn occasionally, but not insisting she has to say it. When we call her by Ashlyn, she [...]

HhhAaaaa CHIU!

Hhhaaaa CHIU!!Ashlyn finally learned how to blow her nose. We have been teaching her and asking her to blow her nose since last winter, she just refused to do so. Even Alex knows how to blow his nose since last winter. Ashlyn was wwwwaaaayyyy behind on this one. She now knows how to do it [...]

Summer Activities updates

Yeah! We got all classes for Ashlyn & Alex. So did my aunt who went an hour later. Why did people go get in line so early then?

Breath In, Breath Out

Alex was coughing again, which led to weesing. Running and stuffy nose started Wednesday. On Thursday night started coughing, and Friday night started weesing. Friday night through Saturday morning, he woke up every 30mins and cried and wined for good 5 to 10 mins, then back to sleep, demanded to be carried, and refused to [...]