Tag: How did the Name Come About? Ashlyn Haley

OK, Viv, this is for you. I think I have been delaying this long enough, and now itís time to answer your TAG.

Ashlyn. How did it come about? We started to brainstorm for names as soon as we found out itís a girl, thinking, must be easy, girls name, piece of cake. There are many [...]

Bling Bling

On Sunday night, Alex asked to call my sister in law, Penny, in Hong Kong. As he was talking on the cellphone (with the speaker on), I asked Penny if she had checked out some jewelries that we planned to purchase as gift for my cousin, Joey, who will be getting married next month. Mom [...]

Picture People Fiasco

Took the rascals to Picture People for portraits on Friday, they were excited. Both of them kept on asking when we would go take pictures. On the way to the mall, my aunt kept reminding Ashlyn to smile at the camera.

The worse happened. When it was our turn, both of them were reluctant to be [...]

$10 Plane Ticket

Most people knew I have an upcoming trip to New York in August, and I have been looking for cheap airfare. I found the ultra-ultra-cheap airfare, but they donít fly to New York now, maybe later? I donít know.Saw this new title on MSN : New low-cost airline enters market . Without hesitation, I started [...]

Who? Where?

Ashlyn: Mama ??? AshlynMama: Alex ??Ashlyn: Mama ???AlexMama: ????! ??????!Ashlyn: ?????Mama!Mama: ??!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Speechless!
This is a conversation from a 34 month old toddler?? Iím just so looking forward to ďwhere did I come from?Ē


The other day, Ashlyn hit my cousin Johnathan. Here is the conversation between my aunt and Ashlyn.
Great Auntie Mary: ?sorry?! (Say sorry)Ashlyn: ?????! (Iím busy)Great Auntie Mary: ?sorry?! (say sorry)Ashlyn: ? R hung ?! (Iím scratching)Great Auntie Mary: ??! (say it)Ashlyn: ????! (Iím drinking)Great Auntie Mary: ?D??! (say it now)Ashlyn: ????! (Iím going to sleep)Great [...]

Alex is 21 Month Young LA!

Alex talks alot, I canít stress enough that my boy talks alot. Not baby talk, everything he says actually makes sense just like an adult, or an older kid. He can carry a conversation and acutally understands what we are saying.

Most of the time he is very affectionate with Ashlyn, and of course, he has [...]

Captain Who?

Alex : ????!! (I donít want this!)

Ashlyn: ?? Captain Ho ?!! (This is Captain Ho!)
Mama ??: ?????????????????? (Mama thinking: since when Caption Hook became Caption HO?)

???: ??, ???? ? meh ???

Finger Pointing Tees


After the baby shower, my cousin dropped us off at my inlawsí house. On the way to their place, I couldnít resisted and had to ask my cousin to take me to DAISO. I knew about this shop but never had a chance to go there. So we, no, just ME,RAIDED the store for 30mins. [...]