Where are we Going?

Alex is at the questioning stage since weeks ago. Everytime he gets into the car, as soon as he’s straped in, he asks “where are we going?” “are we going home?” He asks “where are we going now?” almost every 2 minutes. I think we should expect “Are we there yet?” soon.

Where Did You Go?

We’re back on Sunday night. Ashlyn came to the airport with my cousins to pick us up. For some reasons, she acted shy and embarrassed when we talked to her. By the time we got home, 11 something, Alex was already sound asleep.
Monday morning, as soon as Alex woke up, I asked him where did [...]

Someone Turns 3 TODAY!

Happy Birthday Ashlyn !XOXO

We Are Back!

Just arrived at home from the airport. Will update with pix from London & Paris soon. For now, need to catch some ZZZzzzZZZzzzzzzzZzZZZ

Little Panda Classes

Took the kids to their first summer recreation class yesterday — The Little Panda Class, a playgroup done in Chinese. There’re about 15 kids all together.
At the beginning of the class, Ashlyn and Alex were not too interested, and they looked confused. I think it’s because of the language. Everybody else knew the songs very [...]

A for Ashlyn

Last night, Ashlyn picked up a crayon and started scribble on a piece of paper. I was curious, and wasn’t sure what she was drawing, so I asked:
me: Ashlyn, what are you drawing?
Ashlyn: “A”
me: Show me (as I grabbed a clean piece of paper)
Ashlyn: Na!
WOW, I almost cried. My 35 month old girl just wrote [...]

The 12 Number 1

Found this from a Yahoo Blogger. Interesting.
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Tag: How did the Name Come About? Alex Haylen

Here is the 2nd part of the TAG (the final part). This one will be shorter.

This time, we gonna start with his Chinese name, cux it will be very simple and short. One Sunday morning when I was still carrying Ashlyn (after we have decided on Ashlyn’s Chinese name), when I woke up, a boy’s [...]