Long Over Due Entry: London & Paris

O, this is loooonnnnggg over due. I know, I’ve been slacking a bit lately.
Should’ve posted this entry looonnnggg ago, our trip to UK & Paris. Well, in a short 1 week stay in London and Paris, we’ve been to majority of the “must see” tourist spots, and lots of walking and shopping.
Well, these are just [...]

Alex did it again!

Hurray!! Yes, Alex did it again. This is the second time now.
This morning, as usual, Alex had his morning poo. This time a little different, he didn’t poo in his diaper. He paused, squaded, and that’s the signal we knew he needed to go poo poo. We kept asking his if he wanted to go, [...]

Wrinkle Free Shirts

Baba found some great deals on Amazon, Men’s dress shirts under $10 and free shipping.
Baba: Mama, these dress shirts are under $10, and they have Kenneth Cole’s too! I want to get some un-wrinkle dress shirts.Mama: it’s wrinkle free, not un-wrinkle!Alex: wrinkle!Mama: no, wrinkle free ah!Alex: one-two-three ??!!Mama: no, wrinkle free ah!Alex: ONE-TWO-THREE AH!

Simpsonize US

My cousin Jacqueline is a school teacher, and now, just like the school kids, she is taking her sweet summer vacation. So, along with Ashlyn & Alex, all 3 of them just had a little too much time to kill yesterday, and guess what they did? see below picture.

It was done via http://www.simpsonizeme.com/ , pretty [...]

ALEX is 2