Nowadays, whenever Ashlyn & Alex sit down, they ask for pens and paper. Here are their recent masterpieces.

Ashlyns Self Portrait
Ashlyn wrote the E, L, and A, but she didnt write ALEXUse your imagination, not sure what she was trying to draw

Alexs first drawing
These are happy faces, according to him.
~ * ~

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


Bargain Shopper In Training

I took Ashlyn, along with my aunt to Costco yesterday. As we walked in, we saw these cute little cardigan, perfect for Ashlyn to wear at home. We let her hold on to it as we shop. We got home, Ashlyn got off the car, and she said:
??????? ????Is it on sale? Very good price?
One [...]

The Kids

We had dinner at the in-laws on Saturday. Brother & sister in-law came with their daughters too.
We finally able to take a decent picture of all of the 4 kids. Although not looking at the camera/directions the same time, but at least they were willing to sit down quietly, calmly for the picture.
From left: Allyna [...]

What do you see?

My brother, Jeff, and sister in law, Penny, are expecting their first child in Spring 2008. Penny just had the amniocentesis (???) done 2 days ago and the results was GOOD!
This morning, Jeff and I IMed a little. Obviously, my first question was you got the result back? Here is our conversation:
Miss CHU ???: got [...]

Are you Ready?

Finally, we got good news from the childcare facility, where they offer daycare/pre-school/pre-K programs. They now have openings for both Ashlyn and Alex, and they can start as early as Oct. 22. Although its only a 3-day week, it should be a good start for them. If we give up the spaces, we will be [...]

It’s Official !

It’s official, I think. It’s been 3 weeks in a row that Ashlyn went diaperless, even nap time and sleep time at night. Zero accidents (touch on wood).
She calls out everytime she needs to use the bathroom. I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s official that Ashlyn IS now potty trained. So proud of [...]


COACH has the V.I.P./Preferred customers sale event going on right now (by invitation only), and Im lucky that I have some V.I.P. friends. My dear friend, Elaine, shes so generous that she sent me her invitaion. 25% off all Fall merchandise.

I went and shopped for coworkers in Taiwan, and I was told the price in [...]

Halloween is Haunting!

Soon after Labor Day, stores already started to put Halloween items on shelves. Last year, I went every where to scout for the perfect Halloween costume for Alex. The requirements: keep the kid warm, easy on and off, under $20.

I stumbled upon Old Navy store and found this perfect costume for Alex. Not only it [...]

Time Square New York

We watched the crystal ball dropped at Time Square every New Year’s Eve right above the big-O screen. Johnson and I finally were there in person. No, not New Year’s Eve. We were there just about a month ago for a wedding. The screen didn’t amaze me, cux it looked smaller than I thought it [...]