Shake Shake Shake

No, not milk shake.
A magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck near Alum Rock this evening at 8:04 p.m, and followed by 7 after shocks under 2.0 in the next 20mins. The quake struck along the Calaveras fault, very close to the new place my cousins just moved into weeks ago.
I was at [...]

Imagination Parade 2007

Ashlyn & Alex had their first parade at school today — The Annual Imagination Parade.
This is one of the biggest events at the childcare center. Children and teachers have created costumes using their favorite storybooks, nursery rhymes, and songs as themes. Each Homebase will come up with a theme, and then [...]


We went pumpkin patch on Sunday, but didn’t buy a pumpkin cux it’s too expensive. So we went to Lucky’s instead. We didn’t have much time left to carve the pumpkins, so we decided we must do it last night, and we did.
Ashlyn & Alex were excited, for maybe 5 mins in the [...]

Halloween Costumes Updates

I gave in. Ashlyn has been asking for Princess Halloween costume, she specifically wanted the Sleeping Beauty, the complete set with shoes and tiara. As the Disney online store had a sale and special promotion, I couldn’t resist. I bought her the pink Sleeping Beauty dress and shoes. Well, she asked [...]

Big Feet

In preparation for Ashlyn & Alex going to pre-school, we took them to the mall for shoe shopping last Sunday. We compared Ashlyn’s and Alex’s feet, and We expected Alex’s feet to get bigger, but didn’t think they were that big.
Ashlyn & Alex wear the same size, 9W, and they are 13 [...]

School - Day 3

School Day 3 - Absent. Both Ashlyn & Alex are sick today. Both have fever so we decided to keep them at home.
This morning around 5am, we measured both of their temperature. Ashlyn was 101F, and Alex was 102F.
As of now, Ashlyn is still 100F, and Alex has [...]

School - Day 2

Day 2 drop off was tough. Especially for Ashlyn, cux she knew we were going to leave her with the kids and teachers when she’s not aware.
Just like day 1, Johnson took Alex to his homebase, and I was with Ashlyn. Ashlyn refused to go into the classroom, but I managed [...]

Recall - BUMBO

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling BUMBO baby sitter seat. I so wanted to get those for Ashlyn & Alex when they were little, but I didn’t. What’s wrong with this product??


104.4. No, it’s not a new radio station. Nop, certainly not the current stock price for CSCO, which we had hope for years. It’s body temperature.
We just got home from the ER. Alex had fever out of nowhere after his nap at home this evening. It was around 101F around [...]

H & M is coming to town !

YEAH!! H&M is coming to my area!!!!!!
Just received an email from H&M that the grand opening of their new store in San Jose area is this Thursday. 10/25, at Santana Row.
I think they are going to open one at the Great Mall too. I saw they blocked up a space with H&M logo [...]