My Xmas Wish List ‘08

I have finished putting together the Xmas wish-lists for Ashlyn & Alex, and it’s time to make one for myself. Every year, at least for the past 4 years, dear hubby has been buying me new digital camera for Xmas, never fails, no surprises. Well, am I complaining?? No, I’m not! [...]

What they learn from school

I am amazed everyday what Ashlyn & Alex learn from school.
What did Ashlyn learn?
We have been sleeping over at my grandma’s house for the past 2 months, cux my aunt is out of the country on vacation for the past 2 months. We put 2 queen size beds next to each other, so that [...]

My Model

Remember I said I would show you what I purchased from the 1st round of Black Friday shopping spree? My dear model finally willing to entertain me and model my “prize” for me.

As you an see, my dear model was busy booking other jobs.
Let me tell you a littel [...]

Black Friday Report II

So, what happened for our 2nd round of Black Friday shopping spree? Well, let me back track a little. During our Thanksgiving dinner, mother in law all the sudden told dear hubby that she wanted to buy a 32inch flat screen TV, and that’s the only reason why my dear hubby would get up [...]


Today, we should celebrate. What for? You may ask? Well, for Ashlyn & Alex actually enjoyed school today. Yippie!
After a long weekend, I was worried that today would be a difficult drop off for Ashlyn & Alex. Ashlyn cried a little bit in the morning at home, but Alex [...]

Black Friday Shopping I

It’s almost 3am Friday morning. Just got back from the mall, which was only 5 mins drive from home.
I/We have been thinking about the midnight shopping spree for a long time. We have planned since Monday, and have been talking about where to go and what to buy throughout the week. [...]

Ready. Set. Shop.

My lunch buddy, Vivian, and I were just talking about Black Friday shopping today at lunch. They have a going away plan but Jon, her husband wanted to get something from Target. I told her I didn’t have plan to go early bird on Friday, cux I didn’t have any in mind that [...]

Alex Loves Crocs

I bought Alex a pair of Mikey Crocs at the beginning of this Summer, and he has been wearing them ever since. He chooses the Crocs over other shoes. My dad, Alex’s maternal grandpa, got Ashlyn a pair of yellow Crocs. As soon as Alex saw them, he snatched them from Ashlyn [...]

Shopping Season is Coming!!

Dear Hubby just sent me this link to Black Friday ads. Come to think of it, it’s just around the corner, THIS FRIDAY!! There are ads from Circuit City (perfect timing, we are shopping for a new point and shoot digital camera, again), Old Navy, Target (my personal favorite) and even Costco.
SHOP ‘TIL [...]

Old Pals

Over the weekend, I was glued to my laptop and locked onto facebook. You may ask why? Well, recently, I discovered many of my old pals from elementry school in Hong Kong have started surfacing on facebook. It was interesting to see how much we have grown more mature (cannot use the [...]