After X’mas Sale

When I was a teen, I was THE LOYAL fan for after X’mas Sale. I would set my alarm clock for 5am to make sure I was at the Mall entrance by 6am when the doors opened. Made sure I stocked up all those gift wrapping material for next Xmas. Now? 180 [...]

What’s Wrong with…

the IPTV? I haven’t been able to watch Alex via IPTV at work for the past week. I was actually watching someone else’s kids since last Wednesday. For some odd reasons, the IT guy over the childcare center (I suspect), thought my son has been transferred to another classroom. So, the [...]

Holiday Wishes

Ms Parwin is …

very happy. Yesterday morning, Ms. Parwin was happy to see Ashlyn. Once she saw us when we dropped off Ashlyn, she kept on saying “Ms. Parwin was very happy last week, especially last Friday.” What could Ashlyn possibly have done to make Ms. Parwin that happy?
Parwin: Ms. Parwin was very happy last [...]

My Dilemma

So, what happened to my X’mas gift from my dear hubby?
Well, let me back track a little bit. As we were, to be exact, as I was, studying and debating which model to get, the three candidates were Canon SD1000, Casio S880, and obviously, the Casio Z1080. I’m not gonna go into details [...]

Mosaic Photo

As I was flipping through a magazine brought from Hong Kong, I saw a picture made from a collection of images. I have been wondering how it was done when one of my friend posted one of those pictures as his profile picture on facebook. I have been thinking about it, how it [...]

The Mom’s Song

Thanks Captain Mo sharing this song. I just L-O-V-E-D it. It’s so true.

Crazy Friday

Last Friday was soooo C-R-A-Z-Y !!
Remember I went shopping at H&M with my cousin Kimberly? I didn’t mention how crazy the shopping experience was, hun? If you remembered, we got lucky and got a parking spot as soon as we got into the 3-level parking garage, as many cars still circling around [...]

Mystery Package

I just received a package. I looked at the shipper’s name and address, and couldn’t remember I had made a purchase from them. It is a relatively small package, but quite heavy. I remember making a few online purchases, but none of them should come in a small box like this. [...]

We’re Not Lying

I have been telling Ashlyn that I could see her via the computer screen. We even showed her and Alex how it looked like, obviously when we were at home showing them, there’s nobody in the classroom. I have asked her questions about what I saw via the IPTV, she was amazed and [...]