Leap Year Baby is Here

He has arrived! He has arrived! He has arrived!
I’m officially a “Goo Ma” (? ?) now. This is what we call Daddy’s older sister in Cantonese.
My sister-in-law, Penny, just delivered their first baby on Feb. 29 in Hong Kong after a 7 hour-ish labor and a little complications after the birth. [...]

Operation Picture Time

Operation F-A-I-L-E-D !!
It was not really a good start. The outfit I prepared for Ashlyn to wear on the first day of the Chinese New Year, she refused to wear it. She said “there’s no princess!!” Like the other outfit she picked had princess on it? I had no problem getting [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, Ashlyn had a mini potluck party to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the child care facility. It was held in the late afternoon, after their nap time. When I got there, the little tables were set up with pink table covers, plates, and napkins with hearts. All the kids were sitting in [...]

Flowers for the New Year

Every year, before the Chinese New Year, we would buy some flowers to decorate the house. Blooming flowers during the Chinese New Year means you will have wealth and social position (????). In the past, we always bought narcissus (??) and peach blossom (??), the typical festival plants/flowers. We would also get [...]

Gong Hay Fat Choi

Gong Hat Fat Choi!! ? ? ? ?!! Translation: Wishing you Prosperity.
Today is the first day of the year of Rat. Last night I have prepared the outfits for Ashlyn & Alex to wear today. I remember when I was little, growing up in Hong Kong, the first day of the [...]

Happy Year of the Rat

Today is the Chinese New Years Eve, and I’m still at work. Unlike in Asia, they get at least 3 days of holidays (paid holidays) for the festivities.
Normally, my grandma (maternal) would prepare a feast for the Chinese New Years Eve dinner, but this year, they are going to dine out, simply [...]

“R” means Return

I went shopping over the weekend. I bought a few things at Bath & Body Works. As I walked out the door, I kind of regret that I didn’t get the Country Apple foaming hand wash (3 for $10). So I returned and exchange 1 of the items I purchased 5 minutes [...]