I had a day off on Good Friday, so I had a long weekend. That’s the first long weekend since our company shut down a week for Christmas last year. Starring at the calendar, feeling kind of depressed, cux we are not going to get another long weekend until end of May - [...]

Wedding Recap

Woo Hoo! They’ve done it! Ashlyn & Alex have completed the mission as the flower girl and ring bearer 2 Saturdays ago. SO SO proud of them. It was officially their first wedding. They were the flower girl and ring bearer for my brother’s wedding 3 years ago in Las [...]

Rehearsal Updates

The wedding rehearsal was completed. To me, I would consider it was a success for Ashlyn & Alex. I guess it might have something to do with the way the arrange the rehearsal. They didn’t go straight from the Processional, instead, they began with the “hand over”, father of bride giving the [...]

Big Day Coming

The Big Day is COMING!!! It’s this Saturday. Oh No!! Oh NO!! Not that soon! It’s the BIG day already. I’m in the panic mood already. It’s a wedding where Ashlyn will be the flower girl and Alex will be the ring bearer. I already prepared their dress, [...]

Dream Comes True

Ashlyn is now in the everything Princess stage. She would wear anything that has Princess on it. She has her favorite Princess, but her favorite changes as she wishes. One day Sleeping Beauty Aurora is her favorite, cux she wears pink gown. Next day would be Cinderella. Once awhile Ariel [...]

Chef Beauty - ????

Once or twice every month, my Grandma would make Shanghai style Wonton (??). I remembered when I was little, I would get involved and make my own version of Wonton. It’s edible, but not presentable so to speak.
Last night, we made wonton again, and Ashlyn made her own version of Wonton. [...]