Touch Down

TOUCH DOWN!! I have arrived HKG. I arrived yesterday morning. The flight was pleasant, but to my surprised, I didn’t sleep at all. Majority of my friends know that I sleep on flights, short and long distance, from the moment I got into my seat until the plane pulled up to [...]

Mr. Little Pig

I am counting down. Counting down to my upcoming vacation to Hong Kong to see my newly born nephew. Only eight more days, I will be on the plane to Hong Kong.
My nephew, my brother and sister in law call him “little pig”, who doesn’t have an American name yet, is 6 weeks [...]

Get Well Soon!

Last week was terrible. All four of us were sick.
Started off with Alex. He started to have mild fever last Monday morning (3/24), he came the coughing. Fever lingered for 3 days, come and gone, then all the sudden shoot up to 102/103F. He was so weak that when I fed [...]

Dine in the Sky

Have you dine in the sky before? I have. That is dining on the airplane in the sky. Ha Ha!
It was on Today Show. Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 meter, which is about 16.5 feet, by a team of professionals. They [...]