Iron On -102

Alex’s birthday is coming up in a few days, and I have been preparing his gifts, party favors (@ the childcare center), and his birthday outfit. No, not naked!
He has a pair of favorite jeans, but they are too small now, size 18-24 months. There’s a monkey dangling on the cargo [...]

Early Termination Fee

You know how wireless providers always warn their customers or potential customers that ending the contract early, will result in penalty. Recently, we ended our old contract early, by 3 weeks, we were penalized for $525. Well, good thing is that our friend had dealt with the provider for us, and they had [...]

Alex’s Friends

“Alex enjoyed riding bikes today”
“Alex enjoyed playing the piano in the music room today”
“Alex did a wonderful job helping clean-up the yard outside today”
“Alex enjoyed making star fish with clay”
“Alex enjoyed making blue ocean jello today. He helped to mix it”
“Alex explored float and sink with Gavin and Kenneth.”
“Alex had fun making beautiful picture [...]

Luau Rock ‘n Roll

Yesterday was my cousin Krystal’s 20th Birthday. We had a Laua themed BBQ party for her. We prepared the Tiki torches, cocktail umbrellas, and inflatable palm tree cooler. We even prepared special outfit for her - hula skirt, silk flower leis. Oh, the only thing missing was the coconuts bikini [...]

Shopping Trip

I always wanted to go shopping at the new San Fransico Center in SF Downtown, but couldn’t find the time to go. Afterall, it’s an hour drive and parking in the garage could be expensive. This past Saturday, I need to go Chinatown, so I thought it’s a good chance to go Downtown [...]

Soccer Game

We spent our July 4th holidays in Los Angeles this year. We arrived LA on the 4th, early afternoon. Soon after we checked in to the hotel, Jeff, Penny, and Ryan were getting ready for their special event planned in the evening - to watch a soccer game, or David Beckham. [...]


When Ashlyn & Alex were born, they didn’t have much hair. Alex didn’t get his first haircut just before he turned 2. Ashlyn? haven’t had her first haircut yet. My nephew Ryan, was born with full head of hair. Well, digging out the old pictures, my brother had pretty full hair [...]

Bizarre Names

When we had our first child, Ashlyn, it was pretty quick for us to decide / comprimise on the name. The second one, Alex, took a little more time. It was not an easy task at all.
Have you caught on to the latest celebrity babies’ names? Since a few years [...]

Favorite Song

Out of the blue, Ashlyn was humming a 3-year old Chinese song. A pop Chinese song. A HIT Chinese song at the time, and it’s in Mandarin Chinese, not Cantonese Chinese. I didn’t catch it at first, but then, she heard a portion of the medley song I play in my car, and [...]

Who Has The Keys?

We were over at the in-laws last Saturday for dinner. We stayed until 9:30pm or something before we started packing up and getting ready to head home. As we were busy loading, all the sudden I heard the sound of locking the iron gate. I rushed to the gate and saw Alex [...]