The Playhouse

We attended Jayden’s 5th Birthday Party at a Playhouse facility today. I would never forget Jayden’s birthday. Why? His birthday is only 5 days before our wedding anniversary, even the same year.
We arrived at the playhouse place at 11am sharp, as Elaine had warned us. Before we went, Ashlyn refused to attend [...]


On Thursday night, Daddy came home late, cux he just signed up for some classes with the Adult Education, for some solar and/or electrician classes or some sort.
It was 8pm, daddy not home, Ashlyn & Alex started to wonder why daddy still not home yet.
Ashlyn: mama, where is daddy?
Alex: yeah, where is daddy?
Me: daddy has [...]

Follow the Instructions

Aiya, I thought it was an easy task, but….
OK, tomorrow, will be the last day for Ashlyn & Alex to be with their current caregivers. Starting next week, they will be attending new classrooms, with new caregivers. So, I prepared some Thank You cards for their caregivers. Ashlyn completed hers last night, [...]

Tagged: Little known facts about me

OK, so I was tagged by Vivien, which proved that I read your posts from the beginning to the end, otherwise, I would have missed it. He He!
1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? I don’t think so.
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Couple months ago at a graduation.

Why Did I Say That?

On Saturday, I spent some quality time with Ashlyn, doing our favorite thing - SHOPPING! We went shopping for Ryan, my nephew, her cousin.
As we were standing in line waiting for the cashier, Ashlyn leaned against my belly from the shopping cart. The lady in front us made a comment:
Lady: Oh, how sweet. [...]

First Car

My first car was a Volkswagen, and since then, my brother’s first car was a VW, 2 of my cousins first cars were VW. Did I started the trend? I don’t think so, probably my brother did. Why? cux he loved to fix up his car. I guess boys will be boys. [...]

Fancy Dinner

So, I met up with my long lost friend on last Friday. We had a fancy dinner at Michael Mina in San Francisco.
They offer 2 types of dinner menu. A three course prix fixed menu, or the tasting menu. The way they plate the entree and dessert was quite unique. [...]

Cough ’til I …

My body is not working with me. During the past 6 months, I believe I had flu 3 times already. Aching body, sneezing, running nose, stuffy nose, headache, I could take that. The one symptom that I had trouble coping was coughing. There were instances that I cough so bad that [...]

Photo Books

“Put them away.”
“Careful. Turn the page slowly.”
“Don’t rip the pages.”
That’s what I had to constantly reminding Ashlyn & Alex when they wanted to look at the photo books I made for them.
Ever since Ashlyn was born, I organized and made photo books for her on a monthly basis. It was easy, just upload [...]


One of my cousin, who is 13 years old, is going through his puberty stage. Voice changed, grew alot taller compared to a year ago, wanted to cut and style his hair in certain way. Obviously, there are some white little dots on his forehead - pimples - YIKES! He refused to [...]