The Last Supper

I have been working for this company for over 7 years now. From the beginning, I always believe this company and the ex-chairman were quite generous. We had annual fishing trips, company picnic, departmental luncheon for Chinese New Year and Thanksgiving. The big event was the annual company Christmas Dinner party, which [...]

My Terrible 2

Oh, my terrible 2. No, I didn’t mean the terrible two-year-old, I meant my terrible 2 little rascals.
Last night, Alex was jumping in the bed. I asked him to return to his spot to watch some TV. Here was what happened.
Me: Alex, don’t jump. Go to your spot and watch [...]

Yes, we did it!

We just signed our lives away this afternoon. Yup, we did. I thought I would be very excited and nervous about it, but no, I wasn’t. I was quite calm and not emotional at all.
It was funny, the gentleman from the title company who helped us with the signing process [...]


Just about 2 weeks ago, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. I picked Morton’s Steakhouse in the city. I like their steak? No, not because of the steak. I chose Morton over other places for their signature dessert - The Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake.
We made the reservation for 7:15pm, but was able [...]

Ultra Compact Cars

The gas price has come down a little bit, but it’s still quite high. I’ve seen more and more of the Smart cars on the road nowadays. The Smart cars are quite popular in Europe. It’s ultra compact.
Today, dear hubby sent me an email. He rarely sent me any [...]

Sept. 15, 2008 is …

an important day.  Well, yeah, it’s payday, but that’s not the reason.
Today, Ashlyn had her first haircut.  Yup, she is 4, and it’s her first haircut ever since she’s born.  Somehow, for whatever reasons, she started to asking if she could get a “trim” since last week, but we didn’t get around until today.  So, [...]

5 Years Ago …

Today, Johnson and I exchanged vows, committed to each other, to have and to hold, for sickness and health, for richer or poor, blah blah blah. You know, the typical wedding vows thing.
5 Years later, today, on our 5th Anniversary, we committed not only to each other, Ashlyn and Alex, we also committed to [...]


5 years ago today, we had our wedding rehearsal. After the rehearsal, we had rehearsal dinner at Hooter’s San Francisco. On top of that, it was my brother, Jeff’s birthday. Time flies, but the images from the party seem to be fresh in memory.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!


Alex was up around 4:30-ish this morning. Sitting up in the bed and cried. It was not the first time, and sure wouldn’t be the last time either. When it happened, it’s because 1 of the 3 things:
1. He played too hard in the afternoon
2. He was scolded or sent to his [...]