Halloween 2008

Remember we bought the pumpkins 2 nights before Halloween? They were untouched. We didn’t carve pumpkins this year. We took the kids trick-or-treating around 7pm. There were many groups of young kids and teenagers in the neighborhood. We just went around 2 blocks and called it the night.
Ashlyn [...]

All Gone!

Yup, all gone. Who would have thought?
We’ve been so lazy and not so excited about Halloween this year. Don’t get me wrong, we managed to get Ashlyn & Alex their costumes for trick-or-treating, and some Halloween themed tees. Up until last night, yup, 2 nights before Halloween, we still haven’t [...]

The Magic Number is…

What so special about it? Well, I believe we have heard “3’s a charm”? Also, McD recently launched a new menu, 3 for $3.
Get this, here is my latest favorite. Well, it happened last night, when I got gas at a local gas station. It used to be a name [...]

Little Treasures

Kids are easy to please, most of the time. I always bought small items with their favorite characters. I use them as rewards, or little gifts to calm them down when they were upsad.
Last Friday night, Ashlyn was upsad when she found Alex got some new underpants. She demanded that [...]

Home Improvement - Updates

It’s been 2 weeks since the home improvement started. What was being done so far? Well, as far as I know, all lightings were installed, except for the chandelier over the dinner table. All water pipes were replaced. The floor of the kitchen area was redo with ceramic tiles. The [...]

Mad House

I strong urge those of you have not yet bought Halloween costumes for yourselves or your kids, DO NOT shop at party supply stores or Halloween costume shops on the weekend. It was a total MAD HOUSE!
Sunday after lunch, I promised Ashlyn & Alex to buy them the trick-or-treat buckets. We went to [...]

That’s a First!

I finally had a relaxing weekend. Notice, I said “I”, not “WE”, because dear hubby was busy installing internet cables at the new house with his friend Harrison. Saturday was lay back. We went to a baby shower in the evening, and that’s about it.
Yesterday, Sunday, while the kids were taking their [...]

Hairy Crabs

My sister-in-law just posted this picture on FB. Oh, how tempting! Yeah, it’s the season for hairy crabs (big binding crab 大閘蟹 or Shanghai hairy crab or Chinese mitten crab) now. Look at the little fella Mr. Ryan, he looked a bit troubled, maybe a little scared. Why? Why scare of this hairy crab? He’s [...]


I didn’t make up this word. I searched online, it existed. From all the topics I’ve found, Toiletology refers to toilet care and repair. I am not going to go into this subject. To me, Toiletology means study of the toilet. Why did I say that? This past weekend, we [...]

I was overwhelmed

I never thought picking out faucets for the bathroom could be so complicated. It was not an easy job at all. We went to a building supply shop which my father-in-law has known the owners for over 20+ years. They had a great selection of high end brands and products, and it [...]