Fantacy of Lights

Yup, it’s the 10th annual display of holiday lights at the Vasona Lake County Park. It was the Big Event #2.
Fantasy of Lights presented by the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation and Silicon Valley Parks. Every year, they invite employees from the sponsors companies to enjoy the drive-through holiday lights display spectacular [...]

Weird Discounts

Who says the economy is bad? I still see lines at the cash registered in stores. People still buying for the Holidays. Well, I guess they just spent their money more wisely.
Today, after lunch, as usual, I went window shopping. I was at Old Navy. A sales associate [...]

P.J. Day

It was a breeze to get Ashlyn & Alex out the house to the child care center today. Why? ‘cux today is the annual Pajamas Day at the child care center. Each class was scheduled to be in the lobby area, a story was read to them, and warm chocolate and cookies were [...]

Snow, anyone?

Remember last year, when we took Ashlyn and Alex to the snow park, Alex did not enjoy it at all. He thought the snow would dirty his Thomas Train snow boots. That was cute. This year, he kept on saying that he’s older now, and wanted to go snow park again. [...]


Nowadays, when I checked emails, at least one thirds of them were from retail shops or online stores with promotions and sales. I would have been quite excited in the past when I received emails with promotional codes or discount notifications. This year, I found myself checking them and deleting them. Well, [...]

Big Event #1

What was the big event? For Ashlyn and Alex, it’s “THE” biggest event. It happened on last Saturday. We bought our first fresh Xmas tree for our new house, but we have yet to seriously decorated it.
Ashlyn and Alex were excited throughout the week and looking forward to the tree shopping event. [...]


I have been trying to get in contact with a dear friend of mine whom I’ve known since 4th grade. I wasn’t able to get a hold a of her. Finally, she called today. I am glad she called, but I wished she had never called. There’s nothing wrong with our [...]

TV or Not?

With two active toddlers, both dear hubby and myself have given much thoughts about furniture selections. For instance, we have chosen the dinning table set and bedroom set for our room because they have rounded edges. That’s probably part of the reason why we haven’t settled on any other furnitures for the rest [...]