Super Hero

Alex has a few super hero t’s, and I finally found this super hero tee for Ashlyn. One morning, I put this on for Ashlyn, when Alex saw it, he said, “Oh, you are so pretty!” This is the first time Alex said something nice to Ashlyn. Cute!

Heart-Melt Conversation

I just had to jot this down before I forget. I am watching Power Ranger the movie with Alex right now. As Ivan Ooz’s troops (the birds) transforming from the purple thing…
Alex: I don’t like the birds.
Mama: why not? cux they are ugly?
Alex: no, they are fat.
Mama: Oh, you don’t like them cux they are [...]

Fun & Sun

Last Sundy night, I posted on my facebook status as “got minor sun burn from Santa Cruz. Tiring…” No, I am not going to show you my burn. For your information, the kids were fine, they didn’t get sunburn, and that’s part of the reason why Mama got sunburn, the kids didn’t. I was too [...]

A Day @ the Beach

We spent the last Sunday afternoon at the Santa Cruz Beach Broadwalk. I don’t even remember when was the last time I was there, must have been at least 6 years, before I got married and pregnant.
We hit the beach first, spent probably 45 mins to an hour there. Even just an hour stay on [...]

Sand Box

6 Yee Por (Grand-Auntie Mindy) cleaned up the turtle sand box and delivered to our backyard before she took off for her trip to Hong Kong and China. The sand box is probably older than Ashlyn and Alex combined. They were surprised to find the turtle sand box in the backyard. Needless to say, they [...]

Daddy’s Lil’ Helpers

Ashlyn and Alex are great little helpers. Every weekend, when daddy doing house work and yard work, they are the first to get dressed and ready to help. Last Sunday, they helped to fertilize the grass.


Alex has just started transitioning to Pre-K class at the beginning of the week. He was excited and proud of himself. The first thing he told me when I walked into the house, he said, “Mama, I am a big boy now, I’m going to new class today.”

Christmas in July

Grandpa Billy is visiting. He brought with him “some” gifts for Ashlyn and Alex. It was just like Christmas in July when they opened the luggage. I think they have enough backpacks, pencil cases, and lunch bags to last through their elementry school years.

School Project

Ashlyn and Alex have special school projects once a while, especially around special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Couple weeks ago, Alex had a special project. They traced the outline of their bodies on paper. We helped him to cut it out and pasted his favorite things on the body. [...]

Favorite Pose

Alex has his favorite hair do lately, and he has his favorite pose for pictures. Don’t know where he got the idea.