No, not Mickey’s friend Goofy. I am talking about Alex. Alex is cheerful all the time, well, there’s exceptions. In general, he is always cheerful. Sometimes he’s quite goofy with a sense of humor.

p.s.: Alex was wearing my facial headband.


We attended a wedding last Sunday. It was a hot day, and the wedding ceremony was held at a golf club, a lawn area, meaning outdoor. Good thing was that the ceremony was short, took less than 10 minutes, so it was bearable.
Ashlyn and Alex were amongst the guests, and so was Belle (

New School - Alex

We started Alex at a new school about 2 weeks ago. This school is more academic oriented. He is now in Pre-K, and started to learn Phonics already. It is for sure he is doing more “work sheets” in class now. He seems like he is enjoying the new school, new activities, new teachers, and [...]


If this happens every night, that would be great, and maybe I am asking for too much.
Alex: Mama, I am tired. I want you to go to bed with me now.
Ashlyn: Yeah, let’s go to sleep now.
Me: Now? OK!
Alex: Yeah mama, N-O-W!!
Un-heard of!


Never thought I would hear my kids say this.
Saturday (after Chinese School)
Ashlyn: Mama, do we have to go to the other school today?
Me: No.
Ashlyn: Oh, I want to go!
Ashlyn: Do we go to school today?
Me: No. You go to school tomorrow, Monday.
Ashlyn: But I want to go to school today, I like going to my [...]


Uncle Jeff and Auntie Penny took a trip to Japan recently, and they asked Grand-Auntie Mindy to bring this back from Hong Kong for Alex. Alex refers to the outfit as the “Kung Fu Outfit”.
Ashlyn has one too, but haven’t had a chance to take pictures yet. Stay tune.

It’s Sixth

Anniversary, and I got a surprise.
Shortly after mid-night, as I was asking DH where the stove cleaner at, he handed me a rose and a card.
Happy 6th Anniversary

New Cut

Ashlyn had a new haircut today. It’s a bit shorter than the last cut. I was a bit worried that she would be up sad because it’s a bit shorter than she had expected. I liked it very much, it’s very posh, I think. It would be better if it’s a little more shorter, but [...]