Halloween Parade - Alex

Alex’s school had a Halloween parade today. They paraded around the playground once, then returned to the classroom to sing a few Halloween songs.
Prince Alex Charming

Pumpkins, Carved

So, last night, Uncle Jeff on his task #2. Pumpkin Carving. It was a busy night for Uncle Jeff. Not only he had to carve two pumpkins, but he had to entertain his son, Ryan in Hong Kong via video conference.

Pumpkin Shopping 2009

One of Uncle Jeff’s jobs during his stay is to take Ashlyn and Alex pumpkin shopping. He brought Chick ‘n Monkey to a pumpkin patch nearby yesterday. Look how much fun they had and how happy they were.


Uncle Jeff is in town, just in time for trick-or-treating. Best of all, we can leave the pumpkin carving job to him.

Goodbye, Dino.

A high school friend of mine just passed away. Causes, unknown. I am sadden by the news, and I am still in dis-believe.
RIP, Dino.

Picture Day

for Ashlyn today. I had planned today ever since we got the school events calendar. I have been thinking what outfit for her to wear, and of course, all rejected by Ashlyn. I am even taking the morning off from work, so that I can prepare Ashlyn for the school picture event. [...]

Halloween Preview

Take a wild guess, what Ashlyn & Alex gonna be for this Halloween.