Tree Shopping

We have done quite a bit of shopping today, including Christmas tree shopping. Both Ashlyn and Alex were looking forward to it and very excited about the tree shopping trip. We went kind of late in the afternoon, so it was kind of windy and chilly, but it didn’t take away the fun. And… We [...]

First Movie

My cousin Jacquelin called this morning.
Jacqueline: Hello, I’m taking Ashlyn to movie. Is Alex up?
Me: what? movie? It’s 8:30 in the morning.
Jacqueline: yeah, the show is at 9:30.
Me: no, Alex is not up yet. Just take Ashlyn with you then.
*hung up*
As soon as I hung up, I just realized it’s gonna be Ashlyn’s first movie [...]

Happy Turkey Day

A 4-day weekend for Turkey Day. Yippy!

Hot Lunch

Ever since Alex is accepted to the new school, where he currently attending, we’re a bit concerned what we can make for him to bring to school for lunch. Yup, the new school doesn’t prepare meals. They prepare snacks in between only. We shopped for days to find the perfect container. It’s a bit heavy, [...]

Krispy Treats

Uncle Jeff would make rice krispy treats every time he visited, which everybody in the family would fight over it. This time, the first batch he made was gone in 30 seconds. Finally, he made three batches, which the last batch was made at my home, all for me. Of course, at the end, [...]

Corey’s First Halloween

My cousin did not plan to take her son, Corey to go trick-or-treating this year. It’s Corey’s first Halloween. As we were getting Ashlyn & Alex ready for trick-or-treat, Corey arrived with his costume, a Moo Moo Cow.

Halloween Parade - Ashlyn

Ashlyn had her first Halloween parade at her kindegarten. I missed it because time conflict with Alex’s parade. Grand-auntie Mary and Grand-auntie Mindy kept her company. Ashlyn was going to wear the bat girl outfit, but it was a bit complicated, so she agreed to wear the Belle outfit instead.
Every girl was a Princess. Belle, [...]

Warm Halloween

Thinking back, Halloween always raining or windy, or chilly in the past few years. I remember we had to bundle up Ashlyn & Alex when we went trick-or-treating. Turtlenecks, wool vests, tights worn underneath their costumes. This year, Halloween night was warm, probably in the upper 60’s or low 70 degrees (F). We didn’t take [...]