World of Fantasy

Woo Hoo! Just found tickets. We are going to watch Disney on Ice: World of Fantasy this Sunday afternoon.

New Flavor

I used to go to a pearl tea place for lunch near my work. Since it was closed about a year ago, the location has turned into a bakery. The owner of the bakery shop is Korean. He recommended this cake to me and he said it’s good. My reaction was [...]

Expensive Ugly Stone

Guess how much this stone was sold for?

US$35.3 million, breaking a record as the highest price ever paid for a rough diamond.
It is a 507 carat rough diamond. Who would have thought? It was purchased by Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Co Ltd in Hong Kong.

V-Day Prep

Last weekend, we went shopping for Valentines Day cards for the kids. Both Ashlyn and Alex are going to exchange the V-day cards with the kids in school on Friday. To my surprise, Alex was excited about it and was quite concentrate when putting his name on the cards.

Double Greetings

It is very rare that Chinese New Year day and Valentine’s Day both fall on the same day. This year is special.
Gong Hay Fat Choi & Happy Valentine’s Day!

School Pictures

I might have already posted Ashlyn’s school picture, oh well. We just received Alex’s school pictures. Look pretty good. Now, I need to go find where I put Ashlyn’s CD, which definitely will show better quality.

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