A Leprechaun Trap

St. Patrick’s day was March 17. Ashlyn had a little assignment from the school - how to trap a leprechaun, the Irish elf. It was quite a challenge. I searched online, and had some ideas on my own. At the end, to keep it simple, here is the finished product.

3 musketeers

Musketeer #4, we are waiting for you!

note: obviously, Ryan is not trained by the “professional school picture people”. Why? look at how Ashlyn & Alex smile in front of camera.

New New New

I remember when I was young, we always had new clothing ready for the Chinese New Year. From head to toes, inside and out. Since we are in the US now, I still try to keep this tradition, at least one article has to be brand new. So, this year, for [...]

Sledding Fun

We spent the Chinese New Year weekend in Reno. All my cousins went, even Krystal, who was still in school in Irvine, flew in for a day to have dinner with us. We had so much fun in the snow. Ashlyn, Alex and Ryan had so much fun. I believe it [...]

Beginner’s Luck

Do you believe in beginner’s luck? Remember the first time we took Ashlyn and Alex to Reno, obviously they were not allow to gamble at the casinos, but they were able to spend some time at the arcade with carnival games. Both of them won big prizes.
This Chinese New Year, it’s either the [...]

Disney On Ice - Updates

So, we got 3 tickets for the Sunday afternoon show in the last minute, Daddy was the dedicated driver. The seats were good, not too close, not too far, right facing the front. Here is the Photo Album (click here), check out the characters in action.