No Cavities Club

Alex had a dental check up last week. For some reason, he felt the cleaning process was funny, so he was giggling while getting his teeth cleaned. We high 5 after the dentist completed his final check. No cavities. Yippy!

Super Heros

Alex slept with me last night. On several occasions, he giggled in his sleep, mumbled in his sleep, and very often crying in his sleep. We had this conversation while he was sleeping.
Alex: Mama…
** I ignored him since I thought he was just talking in his dream **
Alex: Mama… *in a frustrated tone*
Me: [...]

Clean Clean Clean

Floss, floss, floss. Brush, brush, brush. Rinse, rinse, rinse. These are the things Ashlyn and Alex must do before going to bed every night. Flossing is a bit difficult for them to do by themselves, so that has become daddy’s job. The part about rinsing, Auntie Erin introduced us to this [...]

Gym Fun

Ashlyn attended a birthday party of her classmate, which was held at a gym. Alex and Ashlyn had so much fun.
** click on image to enlarge **
Look at Ashlyn on the bungee.

Look at Alex on the beam.

Look how flexible Alex is

Monkies on the bar

Ashlyn and her buddy

Egg Hunt

Ashlyn had her first Easter Egg Hunt this year at her Chinese School last weekend. The parents helped to stuff the egg shells, and hide the eggs while the kids were in class.

Spring Break - Alex

Alex is on Spring Break this week. For the first half of the break, we sent him over to Great-Grandma’s house. Yesterday and today, Daddy took time off from work, so that are staying home, bonding. Last night, I went home, found a new drawing on the white board easel. Check [...]

Lava Cake

I have not yet been to Downtown for years. Well, drove by couple of times, but did not had a chance to go shopping for awhile now. Last weekend, I requested to stop by Downtown to pick up a few cream puffs. I spotted some new products at the shop, and I [...]