I have received a few invitations from friends to join Facebook awhile ago, but I didn’t feel that I have a need to. For whatever reason, I finally signed up just an hour ago, and surfed a bit. I was amazed how great this network is. Hack, I have a website, started blogging, signed up bloglines, why not Facebook?

First of all, it pulls the contacts from your email, and if your contacts already are Facebook members and upload pictures in the profiles, you will be able to see it. I was in shock to see some of the profile pictures of my friends/email contacts. For those I haven’t seen them for years, most of them haven’t changed a bit, a few of them…, let’s just say I had to look very closely, and starred for minutes, and view pictures in their photo albums, to come to the conclusion "that’s the person!", not just random pictures of strangers they used.

I just had a few great conversation with a friend and his dad in HKG, whom are very close friend of my family. And there’s a possibility that I might have found a friend from HKG whom we attended the same school and I lost touch with years ago. Couldn’t really tell cux the profile picture was too small. I just sent her a message and waiting for her reply.

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