What else is there?

As we were walking back to the hotel from Time Squre, we saw this from far away, and needless to say, we must stop by and check it out (its already 11pm):This is just one of the many clips they play on the screen. I guess if I had video taped every one of them, it would take a good 15-20 mins. Go see it for yourself.

We were suprised to see a Disney store on the 5th Ave. Just out of curiosity, we had to check it. WOW was the only i can come up with. Its a 3-story store. The ground level had all the princess stuffs, the Micky stuff and souvenir items. The first day, yes, the first day, we went back again and again. On the first day/time we were there, we must have spent a good hour to hour and half there just to check out everything. They have every character you have ever seen on the cartoon network, movies, and story books. You know how High School Musical is so hot now. When we were there, 4 of the staff came out with the High School cheerleading outfit and singing songs and dancing the moves from teh High School Muscial. There were kids around the age of 7 to 10 singing and dacning with them, and they knew all the moves and didnt miss a beat!!

*more to come*

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