Potty Training Part 2

Remember last summer, Ashlyn was potty trained. She went diaperless at home basically the entire summer & fall. As soon as the weather got a little colder, for some odd reason, she wanted to wear diapers again.
The training for poo poo was a success. Its been a year she hasnt pooed on diaper. She lets us know when she needs to go poo poo. YIPPIE!!
We have started pee pee training all over again. It seems to me she knows what to do. We just let her go diaperless at home now, but we still put diapers on her when we go out, especially taking a long road trips.
Saturday night, we were out dinner in San Francisco. Ashlyn demanded to take the diaper off cux she wasnt comfortable. She was diaperless and all the sudden, she said mama, I need to go pee pee. Off we ran to the washroom and YES, she did it.
Dont want to say anymore, cux afraid I would jinx it. Well see how it goes.


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