Tag: How did the Name Come About? Alex Haylen

Here is the 2nd part of the TAG (the final part). This one will be shorter.

This time, we gonna start with his Chinese name, cux it will be very simple and short. One Sunday morning when I was still carrying Ashlyn (after we have decided on Ashlyn’s Chinese name), when I woke up, a boy’s Chinese name popped up in my head, out of no where–Hay Leun–??. I immediately told Johnson about it and presented to the in laws. The question was which character we should use? For some reason, the one with most most strokes stuck in my mind. The meaning of this character is large male deer. Needless to say, everyone’s reaction was “WOW, so many strokes, your son will hate you, more so than Ashlyn! Don’t even think about sending him to Chinese school.”

We didn’t settle on the Chinese name yet. Remember, my rule for Chinese name and middle name? So I searched online, found Halen, and FYI, it is an unisex name. Good, sounded close enough, but I modified the spelling a little by adding “y” to make it HAYLEN, to ensure people won’t pronouce the name as HELEN. Now, we settled on the Chinese name and middle name for our son.

With the first name selection, we had a difficult time. I thought, Ashlyn’s initial is AHH, maybe the 2nd baby should have initial OHH and EHH, and it just happened 2 of my favorite names begin with O and E were Oscar and Ethan. Banned by Johnson, he didn’t like either of them. Back to square 1. He liked Alex all along, he tried to convience me. I told him if we couldn’t pick one that both of us agree on, we would use Alex. Silly me, he could’ve said no to any names until I give up and give in and agree on Alex. I couldn’t come up with another name period, so I tried to convience myself by saying the full name over and over again to myself. Surprising, not bad. I liked it.


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