Funny Blog Entry

I was killing time surfing the web and found this blog entry. It’s about a lady in Hong Kong who’s pregnant and blogged about her daily life during her pregnancy.

Below is her blog entry:
??????ma ma?…..???b?????
??????….???…..?b???? “?”????????……????feel????????o?
??????????……?????????…..” ?…..??…..??? “

Entry taken from Yahoo Blog ???????

Translation in general idea:
She didn’t sleep well last night because the baby was kicking her all night, no matter in which position she was slepping, on the side or on the back. She could feel that her belly was very tight. She told her husband about it, then her husband was talking to her belly, “Hey, sweeping floor, put your feet up!”

“?…..??…..???” (Hey, sweeping floor, put your feet up) is very local way of speaking in Hong Kong. That’s funny!


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