Here we come! Disneyland

Where to begin?? Well, let’s start from Halloween then.

This year, Ashlyn dressed up as JoJo the Circus Clown, and Alex dressed up as Jojo’s pet Galioth. I might have already mentioned in the last update, Alex was scared of the costume and refused to even look at it. Surprisingly, my aunt was able to put the costume on without any problem. AMAZING! It seemed to me both Ashlyn and Alex had fun dressing up at my cousins’ school parade. They even posed for pictures. At night, we started trick-or-treating from 7pm and went home around 9:30. A non-stop 2.5 hours going door to door, it was exhausting. Why? Because both of them refused to walk. Alex was better, he was willing to take the stroller. I think each of them got 3 buckets full of candies, we had to unload several times. As for the candies, they were all confiscated.

Both Ashlyn and Alex have grown so much and it was unbelievable. Ashlyn is now 2 years and 5 months old, and Alex is almost 16 months old.

Ashlyn, being the big sister, presents the big sister’s attitude, in another words, very bossy. She kept on telling Alex what to do and where to go, like sit here, come here, no no this, no no that. It’s quite funny to see she bosses Alex around and Alex just followed her commends. Needless to say, they fight for toys. Uncle Jeff visited for a few days and brought them toys from his business trip to the east coast, it was a little race car with remote control. It was for Alex, but Ashlyn just snatched it away from him. Whenever Ashlyn did something like this, Alex had a very innocent and confused look, like “what’s going on” on his face. He would look at us, look at the toy, look at Ashlyn and look at us again. He just looked so funny and cute.

Alex has starting to talk shortly after his 1st birthday. At first, no Baba, no Mama. Now, he talks so much. I counted briefly, he knows at least 60 vocabularies. He picks up key words from our conversation quickly, and his pronunciation was so precise that really surprised you. We must admit, Alex speaks better than Ashlyn.

As for Ashlyn, she talks even more. She understands everything we say and can carry on conversations with us.

For Thanksgiving holidays, we went to Disneyland in Los Angeles. It’s Ashlyn and Alex’s first visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, and they got their first ear hats. The first ride they went on was The Small World. Alex was scared of the little characters and Ashlyn seemed to be OK.
While we were waiting for the rest of the group, Santa Goofy appeared. So, we took Ashlyn & Alex to take pictures with Santa Goofy. Ashlyn kept shaking her head and refused to go near the area when she saw Goofy from far away. Alex didn’t really realize what was going on, I kept telling him it’s doggie. As we got near Goofy, Alex was shocked to see Goofy and started to scream and cry and turn his face and pushing away from me. We managed to take a few pictures before Alex went crazy.

Then we went to Mickey’s house to meet Mickey. As expected, Ashlyn & Alex were scared of Mickey. Both of them pushing and kicking and tried to stay away from Mickey and the pictures were funny.

As for Johnson and myself, Johnson took care Alex for majority of the trip, cux I pulled my back muscle. I lost my voice since Friday afternoon. Huumm… could be from the screaming at the Disney Parade, seeing Mickey and Minnie, or from all those exciting rides. NO, NO, NO!! The only ride I went on was The Small World, how excited could that be?? I just got too tired, and as of today, 5 days already, my voice still not recovered. *Sigh*

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