Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

I watched the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony last night. I didn’t think I would watch the entire (pre-recorded) boardcast, thinking, Oh, it would just be one of those same old performances with pop singers, Chinese dances, and stuff. Was I wrong!! SO WRONG!! I was basically glued to the sofa and TV set, didn’t even flip channels as I would usually do.

The opening performance of 2008 drummers with LED drums was breath taking, ancient instruments meet modern technology. The execution of the ceremony from the beginning through the end, and the precision of every moment by the performers were flawless. Get this, none of performers had repeated performances. The 29 footsteps (fireworks) leading to the “Birdsnest” stadium where the ceremony being held, the rolling scroll, the 2008 people wearing leotard with light bulbs, 2008 columns with performers hiding inside (not electrically controlled), the 2008 Tai-Chi masters, people running/gliding around the earth, and last but not least, the lighting of the Olympic Fire by Li Ling, every segment was flawlessly carried out. It was just unprecedented.

It was especially touching when Yao Ming leading the Chinese Olympic Team march into the “Birdnest” Stadium, with the 9 years old SiChuan Earthquake survivor and hero (he rescued 2 of his classmates).

Let’s watch some of the amazing performances from the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

(thank you tvtelemaster provided this video on YOUTUBE)

(thank you ChadAsianman)

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  1. Aren’t you proud you are Chinese? Tessa Jowell (Cultural Sec of UK) is quaking in her pants as she knows the London 2012 Olympic Committee can never compete with such brilliance.

    I feel like flying the five star flag in my garden (if Paul allows me). Well, his sister who married a German flies the Union Jack in her back garden in Germany. Why can’t I?


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