Butterfly Song

Are you familiar with a nursery rhyme? There’s one goes something like this:

“butterfly, butterfly, fly fly away…”

Well, I don’t remember exactly how it goes, and not able to find any lyrics, mp3, or video online to how you.

Tonight, as I was putting diaper on Alex to get him ready for bed, he sang this song, BUT, he changed the lyrics a bit.

“Ou-Yuk-Gong, Ou-Yuk-Gong, fly fly away…”

he kept on singing the same line over and over again, and I had to listen very closely to catch what exactly he was singing, cux I didn’t expect him to change the lyrics.

So, what he was singing?
“Ou-Yuk-Gong” (牛肉乾) = Beef Jerky in Cantonese Chinese. Why would he think Beef Jerky could fly away? Clueless.


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