Iron On - 101

In 2 days, it’s Ashlyn’s 4th Birthday. I have been looking forward to her birthday weeks ago, because she is going to have her first birthday party at the childcare center, celebrating with her new friends.

I have been discussing what to get for the favor bags with Elaine, and finally got all I needed online.

Last week, after a quick lunch in the mall with my lunch buddy, we were attracted by a sign of a kids clothing store. “up to 60% off”, how could we miss it??!! I saw a white tee, with “Birthday Girl” on the front, a little bit of sequins sewed on. The damage? $19.50. In my opinion, and Vivien’s, not worth it. So, over the weekend, the idea of D.I.Y. crossed my mind, since I already bought Ashlyn couple of white tees for $1.99 each. I began to search online for iron on graphics.

Voila! Perfect! Found it! Elaine and Vivien approved it. I’m sure Ashlyn would approve it too, cux it says “Birthday Princess” with lots of blings.

I received the graphic on Tuesday afternoon, as soon as I got home from work, I locked myself in the bathroom, make sure Ashlyn won’t see it, with all the things I needed, I began to work on my little project. As a result, well, see it for yourself.

I’m crafty. What can I say?

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