I Found You

I have written a blog about an online community Facebook before.  I was totally amazed how popular it has become.  I found many old pals from elementry school and high school through this online community, and I have found more recently.

Yoyo, I don’t even remember how we met, and how we become friends.  All I remember was that I knew we attended the same elementry and secondary school in Hong Kong, and we lived in the same neighborhood, just a street apart.  Once awhile my brother and I would go over to her house to hang around, sometimes we met up at the club house, and sometimes, she would give us rides to school also.

We have lost touch since the late 80’s, and the past weekend, she and her family, drove from Vancouver, Canada to the Bay Area.  We are going to meet up after all these years this weekend.  I am so excited, and I couldn’t wait ’til Friday is here.


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