Photo Books

“Put them away.”
“Careful. Turn the page slowly.”
“Don’t rip the pages.”

That’s what I had to constantly reminding Ashlyn & Alex when they wanted to look at the photo books I made for them.

Ever since Ashlyn was born, I organized and made photo books for her on a monthly basis. It was easy, just upload pictures to online photo storage website, organized the pictures in the pre-made format, click-click-click, you pay, a professional looking magazine or story book style photo book in your hands shortly.

Needless to say, as they grow older, I’ve got lesser time to make the books, on top of that, they refused to take pictures, that’s even make it more difficult to get the job done. I managed to make 2 books for Alex (the first 12-month), and 2 books with sibling pictures.

Now, once awhile, they would say “mama, I want to look at our baby pictures.” They would ask all sorts of questions, and just by seeing them sharing their happiness, joy, and excitement, all the time I spent on the books was paid off.


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