Fancy Dinner

So, I met up with my long lost friend on last Friday. We had a fancy dinner at Michael Mina in San Francisco.

They offer 2 types of dinner menu. A three course prix fixed menu, or the tasting menu. The way they plate the entree and dessert was quite unique. They prepared the entree in 3 different ways, and plated on the same plate. Here was what I ordered.

Course One - Ahi Tuna Tartare (Mmm Mmm gooooooood!)

Course Two - Wild Alaskan Salmon ~ Succotash
* Crispy Skin, Corn Pudding, Red Pepper Coulis
* Grilled Belly, Country Relish, Tarrangon Aioli
* Smoked Rillettes, Pickled Peppers, Crushed Fava Beans

Course Three - Chocolate ~ Florals
* White Chocolate Rose Panna Cotta, Hibiscus, Almond
* S’more, Saffron Marshmallow, Pistachio Puree
* Chocolate Ice Cream, Lavender, Shortbread

I didn’t take many pictures, cux it’s kind of awkward, so I took pictures of my dinner choices only.

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  1. So little food! Did you dar pau from Chinatown after that? LOL!

  2. Actually no. Although portion was small, but seems to be quite filling. Probably becux we had such a good time and laughing so hard.

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