Follow the Instructions

Aiya, I thought it was an easy task, but….

OK, tomorrow, will be the last day for Ashlyn & Alex to be with their current caregivers. Starting next week, they will be attending new classrooms, with new caregivers. So, I prepared some Thank You cards for their caregivers. Ashlyn completed hers last night, so tonight, it’s Alex’s turn. Very simple task, just put the caregiver’s name on top, and write his own name at the bottom. I gave daddy 4 cards with 4 names written out on a separate sheet of paper, then off I went to take a shower. As soon as I walked out the bathroom, I saw the cards setting nicely on the desk, thinking “well done”. My thoughts came across too soon. As soon as I walked over to the desk, daddy came in and said “O, mama, we written it wrong!” Guess what? he put all 4 caregivers’ names on 1 card.

Me: I gave you 4 cards and there’re 4 names
daddy: yeah, but you didn’t give me clear instructions!
Me: Isn’t it kind of obvious that 1 for each card?
daddy: well, you didn’t tell me exactly what to do tho.
Me: *speechless*


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  1. Hahaha…I came from Vien’s blog. I’ve had similar situations with Hubby too! Men REALLY need step-by-step instructions ;-)

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