Goddies from Hong Kong #1

All my dear friends know how much I love to shop. It could be in upscale department stores, that usually just window shopping, and if I did make a purchase from these stores, items must be from the sale racks. I wouldn’t miss the chance to dig for exceptional deals at discount shops, or fighting for the great stuff with other moms at the street hawker stands (that usually happened in Hong Kong only).

“The item” I purchased from the Hong Kong trip was a ring I got from a friend’s jewelry shop. It caught my eyes cux it’s simple, but yet multi-functional. The price tag was in the 5-figure (Hong Kong dollars), which is in the mid-4-digits in US dollars. Since it’s her family business and they are wholesaler, let’s just say I got a pretty good deal.

OK, back to the ring. It is a ring, but, you can wear it as a pandent — 2 ways. Pictures tell a thousand words.

There will be more goodies to come!

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