Sept. 15, 2008 is …

an important day.  Well, yeah, it’s payday, but that’s not the reason.

Today, Ashlyn had her first haircut.  Yup, she is 4, and it’s her first haircut ever since she’s born.  Somehow, for whatever reasons, she started to asking if she could get a “trim” since last week, but we didn’t get around until today.  So, today, after work, I brought her to get her the “trim” which ended up a 5-inch “trim”.  Surprisingly, she was anxious, excited and very calm while she was getting her “trim”, and she smirked through out the process.  No complaint or what-so-ever. Obviously, we had to assure her the whole time that her new do looked pretty. Oh, by the way, not only we saved her “baby hair” (in a zip lock bag), we documented the “first cut” experience on tape too!

Before……………………………………………… After

Today, it’s a special day for Alex, too.  Alex had his passport photo taken.  It turned out pretty good after 3 tries.  No, we are not planning on a trip or anything, just want to get it done just in case, you know. All I can say is the pictures turned out great, and will share with you once we received the passport. He He!


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